How teen fan’s knock on Anvil’s dressing room door led to a 40-year friendship and an iconic music movie

The year 2009 saw the official release of Anvil! The Story of Anvila now-legendary rockumentary about, obviously, Anvil — a Canadian metal band that never quite made the big-time, despite having major early buzz and famous fans like Slash, Lemmy Kilmister (who once asked Anvil frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow to join Motorhead), and Metallica’s Lars … Read more

Unvaccinated individuals 14 times more likely to get monkeypox than vaccinated, new US data shows

CNN — Eligible individuals who did not receive the monkeypox vaccine were around 14 times more likely to become infected with the virus than those who were vaccinated, according to federal government data posted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That figure reflects the first wave of authoritative data collected by the … Read more